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RetroWood service Dunedin and Otago and are happy to provide you with a free quotation or advice on your retrofitting project.


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Free Measure and Quote

We offer a free onsite site measure and quotation for properties in Dunedin and provide a free quotation to others who supply photos and approximate sizes. Our site inspection includes measuring, and photographing your windows and doors and checking the condition of your timber frames. We then prepare detailed plans, specifications and price options for each window that you would like retro fitted.

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1 X Secondary Glazing (Internal)
2 X Retro Double Glazing 
3 X Triple Glazing (External) 
Replacement Double Glazing
  • Provide Information

    The first stage is to gather information about your project. This can be done in the form of gathering photos of your home and getting some basic sizes of some of your windows. It is also good to identify any areas of concern where there may be rot or broken glass that will need repaired. This information can be sent via email ( along with your name, address and phone number.

  • Quote/Estimate

    Depending on the information that has been sent, a firm quotation or an price estimation can be provided outlining a number of different glazing options along with supporting documentation for each option. This will provide you with a good idea of the price range and different features of different glazing systems so you can make an informed choice.

  • Inspect and Measure 

    Once your have selected the product and number of windows that you want to proceed with then one of our team will come out to your home and make a full inspection and measure ready for production. We will log and photograph each window and inspect the condition of the timber, glass and check for air gaps that may need seals. If there is any price variations then we will advise you before getting underway with the project.If there is any price variations then we will advise you before getting underway with the project.

  • Manufacturing

    Once we have confirmed all your window details we can provide you with a deposit invoice so we can get the glass and materials ordered and production underway. We will also make time to get preparation work underway which will involve repairing any rot and getting the surfaces ready for new paint and glazing. Some windows may require easing to stop them binding as well as fitting of draft seals.

  • Preparation / Installation

    EVS Triple Glazing Option: Retain existing glazing and make into triple glazed finish 1 Check for rot, If rot is discovered we will discuss options and costs with you. 2 Scrape back any loose paint, fill holes and repaint sashes exterior where necessary. 3 Touch up edge putty and repaint to match window colour 4 Install the glazing panels 5 Seal the edges to ensure no gaps for moisture. 6 Paint finish to match existing timber colour

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