Villa  restoration

This beautiful old Dunedin villa has been carefully restored and maintained in a pristine condition by the current owners . The project required their old bay windows to be fixed and double glazed to prevent heavy condensation experienced and to repair rot in the window frames. This job was more than a simple re-glaze as it required redesign, rebuilding and retro fitting, all of which are areas RetroWood has expertise and experience in. The main problem was windows that had been added as a feature in the 70’s but aesthetically it did not blend in with the character of the house . Not only were the building practices of the time not the best with the inappropriate use of materials , and inadequate weather proofing .


The owners had experienced large amounts of condensation and rot blistering up around the edges of the window which the previous owners had tried to repair as well as covering it up with bog and paint. The glass had been fixed into a timber rebate without anywhere for water to drain away which led to all the bottom sills rotting and spreading rot into the wall below the window. The inside wall lining had to be removed and old rotten framing taken out and new framing, insulation and linings reinstalled.


The project required the old windows be removed and new sashes to be built and installed. The biggest improvement was the addition of new wide window sills that provided a much improved waterproofing solution as well as keyed into the look of the original homes style. The transition between the new and old showed unwanted joints, so the solution was to add face timbers that restored a solid new finish. Old single glazing was replaced with low-e double glazing to provide warmth and protection against condensation.