Get warmer and dryer windows with retro fitted double or triple glazing

 Retro Wood specialises in retro fitting and refurbishing existing timber windows to give them up high performance without losing their character.


EVS is a whole new way to protect and upgrade your character windows. The double glazed insulated panel provides a triple glazing result by retaining your existing character glass. The EVS panel increases protection against damaging weather and sun and preserves your window with minimal visual impact on the character of your home. Not only is EVS less invasive, it is also less expensive to install compared with the traditional replacement double glazing which requires invasive deconstruction and expensive re-glazing with only double glazing performance EVS can be installed by our fully trained team or by competent DIY home owners.
Retro Wood is the agent for EVS in Otago

RetoWood upgrades Timber windows

Your historic home needs to preserve its timber windows to maintain its special character, Retrowood has the products and expertise to upgrade and protect your windows for future generations.

EVS Retro Triple Glazing

EXterNAly fitted Panels

EVS Glazing provides the best protection for preserving your character windows while increasing insulation for warmer dryer windows. The externally fixed glazing panel provides superior triple glazed results at a more affordable price than other replacement glazing.

Retro Double Glazing


Retro Glazing for timber windows to replace existing single glass panels with warmer dryer double glazed units. The new double glazed units will provide leading performance while maintaining your window's character.

Window Repair and Restoration

Preserve your Heritage windows

Make your timber windows as good as new by restoring them back to good health. Rot removal, Fitted seals, replacement hardware and insulated glazing will bring them back to life with superior performance as good as new replacement windows.


Welcome to RetroWood where we offer you new retro style doors and windows or retro fitting of your existing windows and doors. Double glazing wooden windows and doors requires joinery skills to trim out the old glass and install the new double glazing. 

Retrowood is a member of the Master Joiners Association and are fully qualified and equipped to inspect and repair or replace your existing timber joinery. Our years of experience in the joinery and building industry provides a high level of skill and knowledge that will ensure top quality results.

The glazing units are supplied directly from reputable glazing companies. RetroWood staff work onsite to remove and replace each panel within the same day unless there are on-going repairs or replacement required.

RetroWood has developed its own unique tools and systems that allow in situ glass replacement so that in most cases your job can be done onsite.

Retro Wood offers a complete one-stop-shop service from supply and manufacture of new windows and doors to retrofitting and paint finishing as well as window protection services. Call us now for a free no obligation quote.

  • Warmer Home

    77% heat loss reduction saves energy and adds comfort with a warmer and dryer home  

  • Noise Reduction

    Double glazing reduces outside noise   penetration creating a quieter home   

  • Reduced Condensation

    Double glazed windows reduces condensation, which prevents dampness and mould, and window frame damage. 

  • Solar Protection

    Solar screened double glazing reduces aggressive sun damage which  fades carpets and furniture

  • Retain Character

    Retain the character of your home by retro-fitting your existing windows and doors rather than using replacement plastic or aluminium joinery

  • Add Value

    Adding double glazing protects your home asset by increasing its value and makes it a warm and safe place to live.  

Retro Wood is out of the ordinary

Being out of the ordinary is Cathy Mann, New Zealand's very first qualified female Joiner!  She has had a passion for timber ever since. Her latest project being featured on the first Season of Grand Designs New Zealand where her skill and handy work demonstrated skill for timber craftsmanship. Together with Mike Hodges who has designed and built a number of houses over the years and literally thinks outside the square , Mike and Cathy head up Retro Wood to provide their skills and services for your dream home.

Cathy Mann Joiner

Cathy Mann building a set of feature barn style doors for Nick and poly's new home Queensberry Hills 

Grand Designs Home

The partially completed Straw Mansion designed and built by Mike Hodges and Cathy Mann. This build features curved walls and roofs.

Antique Timber Joinery

Curved bay windows made from hardwood power poles and transformed into a timeless feature with beautiful character timbers.

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