Add warmth and value to your home with Retro Wood double glazing 

If your home is an older character home add value and comfort by upgrading your windows and doors with full double glazing. Retro Wood  specialises in retro fitting existing windows as well as
manufacturing new wooden retro style joinery.


Welcome to RetroWood where we offer you new retro style doors and windows or retro fitting of your existing windows and doors. Double glazing wooden windows and doors requires joinery skills to trim out the old glass and install the new double glazing. 

Retrowood is a member of the Master Joiners Association and are fully qualified and equipped to inspect and repair or replace your existing timber joinery. Our years of experience in the joinery and building industry provides a high level of skill and knowledge that will ensure top quality results.

The glazing units are supplied directly from reputable glazing companies. RetroWood staff work onsite to remove and replace each panel within the same day unless there are on-going repairs or replacement required.

RetroWood has developed its own unique tools and systems that allow in situ glass replacement so that in most cases your job can be done onsite.

Retro Wood offers a complete one-stop-shop service from supply and manufacture of new windows and doors to retrofitting and paint finishing as well as window protection services. Call us now for a free no obligation quote.


Retrowood offers a whole new solution for getting all the benefits of double glazing at up to 60% cheaper prices. EVS Glazing is a permanent, attractive and less invasive glazing system that rivals double glazing for warmth and noise reduction. It has a unique patent-pending system that is designed to use thermal pumping to remove trapped moisture to prevent condensation and maximise thermal efficiency.

-Reduce Heat Loss
-Noise Reduction
-Condensation Protection
-Permanent Solution
-up to 60% Cheaper
-Non Obtrusive
-DIY and save even more

  • Warmer Home

    77% heat loss reduction saves energy and adds comfort with a warmer and dryer home  

  • Noise Reduction

    Double glazing reduces outside noise   penetration creating a quieter home   

  • Reduced Condensation

    Double glazed windows reduces condensation, which prevents dampness and mould, and window frame damage. 

  • Solar Protection

    Solar screened double glazing reduces aggressive sun damage which  fades carpets and furniture

  • Retain Character

    Retain the character of your home by retro-fitting your existing windows and doors rather than using replacement plastic or aluminium joinery

  • Add Value

    Adding double glazing protects your home asset by increasing its value and makes it a warm and safe place to live.  

Double Glazing

Retro Wood provides double glazing units to replace single glazed windows, ensuring you get the full benefit of latest double glazing technology! Double glazing provides two sheets of glass separated by a space bar with different options of Argon gas filled to produce higher insulation qualities. Depending on the windows use, location and height it may also be required to be safety glass to meet the building code requirements. The glazing units are supplied by local glass supply companies who also provide a 10 year warrantee against faulty workmanship or leakages.  Retro fitting your existing wooden windows provides the same benefits of a new double glazed window, but retains the original character and save on price. 

Rot Repair

Retro Wood provides an initial rot assessment of your windows and frames, with repair or replacement options. If the rot is small and local and doesn't compromise the strength of the sash or frame, then it can be cut out, treated then patched or a new piece of treated timber can be grafted back in place. More extensive rot may require a complete new sash or frame to be built to replace the rotting timbers. We also look at the possible cause of the rot which is most commonly from water penetrating along the bottom rail after long periods without maintenance. New methods of protecting the timber and draining water means that your new Retro Wood fitted glazing will prolong the life of your sashes and frames. 

Draft Reduction

Older style windows are not airtight like modern day windows, mainly due to sliding designs and lack of rubber seals. Various methods can be used to reduce this airflow around windows by using gap sealants and/or edge seals to reduce drafts. Rooms are required to provide a certain level of ventilation so at least one window per room is required to retain the ability to open. Other windows can be sealed shut while the remaining opening window can have various seals attached to reduce air movement .  

Moisture protection

There are a number of new processes used to prevent future moisture damage from water getting inside the frame. Retro Wood cuts out the old window and prepares the new window cavity by first priming the exposed timber, then placing a full moisture barrier along the bottom sill. The moisture barrier is the same as those used in wet areas like bathrooms and showers and is designed to stop water penetration as well as drain water away from the high risk areas. The glass is sealed into the sash unit using special foam rubber tapes and bitumen adhesives.These provide moisture deflection away from the inside of the frame. The edge of the glass and glazing beads are fitted with a silicon seal that prevents water entering between the glass and the beads. 

Timber Shield

One of the biggest drawbacks of timber frames has been the high level of maintenance required to ensure that moisture doesn't damage your frames or structure. Often once the paint layer has failed water is free to penetrate the timber and can cause damage. Timber shield is a fibreglass and emulation layer normally used to waterproof external flat roofs and gutters. We offer this service as a way of protecting the critical bottom window sill with an extra reinforcement layer that will deflect water rather than allow water to seep into cracks and cause rot. While the timber shield will need a regular maintenance coat of paint every 6-10 years, it offers a higher level of moisture protection compared to a regular paint finish without the protective barrier.

Weights and Hardware

If a window is a double or single hung and uses counter weights to open and close then it will be necessary to add further weights to balance the increased weight of the double glazing units. This process requires the window sashes to be removed and re-roped with new weights. Hardware can be re-used or replaced depending on your preference. We can provide you with various hardware replacement options. 

Retro Wood is out of the ordinary

Being out of the ordinary is Cathy Mann, New Zealand's very first qualified female Joiner!  She has had a passion for timber ever since. Her latest project being featured on the first Season of Grand Designs New Zealand where her skill and handy work demonstrated skill for timber craftsmanship. Together with Mike Hodges who has designed and built a number of houses over the years and literally thinks outside the square , Mike and Cathy head up Retro Wood to provide their skills and services for your dream home.

Cathy Mann Joiner

Cathy Mann building a set of feature barn style doors for Nick and poly's new home Queensberry Hills 

Grand Designs Home

The partially completed Straw Mansion designed and built by Mike Hodges and Cathy Mann. This build features curved walls and roofs.

Antique Timber Joinery

Curved bay windows made from hardwood power poles and transformed into a timeless feature with beautiful character timbers.


We service homes in Dunedin and Central Otago and are happy to provide you a free measure and quote. We will need to visit your home, and measure your windows and doors. We then make a photographic record as well as detailed plans of each window that is prepared as a full quotation document.
        We also present a range of price options that include
New or retro fitted joinery
Three double glazing configurations.
          -Standard double glazing - 56% reduction In Heat Loss
          -Max Low-E double glazing - 71% reduction In Heat Loss
          -Xcel Low-E double glazing - 77% reduction In Heat Loss

-Airtight windows and Draft prevention    
          -We provide airtight and draft proof options that seal your windows with single or double seals .
-Rot repair options
         - We provide a visual non-invasive assessment of existing rot and damage that may need repaired or replaced.
-Paint finish options
       - We provide prime over the new timber options through to repaint with colour matching to existing paint finish. 
-Wood shield options 

      -We provide bottom sill repair and protection options to prevent future moisture penetration.